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Why choose a Moxie Blanket?

Moxie Weighted blankets are engineered to fit your body with the perfect amount of deep pressure stimulation to soothe, comfort and allow the best sleep you've had in a long time all while increasing the release of serotonin(relaxation) and decreasing the release of cortisol (stress).

Why are Moxie Blankets so spectacular....

✔️Handcrafted from start to finish and custom made in the good ole USA.

✔️Made with certified top quality fabrics sourced from USA suppliers.

✔️Weighted with silica-free glass microbeads that are made in the USA.

✔️Evenly quilted so the glass beads are in small 5x5 sections across the entire blanket.

✔️Offered in a range of sizes for kids and adults.

✔️ONE PIECE. No hassling with duvets or covers.

✔️Washer and Dryer safe! Yes!! That is correct. You can put them in your washer and dryer at home.

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