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Monster Protection Academy


At the Monster Protection Academy, our goal is to help your child overcome his or her biggest fears. In other words, we're here to protect kids from nightmares! Our weighted blanket might just be the best thing that ever happened since safety scissors and take-out pizza.


The MPA (Monster Protection Academy) is a solution for children that are afraid of the dark, Monsters under the bed and other sneaky monster hiding places. Each MPA order comes with a certified weighted MPA Blanket, No More Monsters Book and a Monster Protection Academy Certificate.

We put our MPA blankets to the test to ensure that they are ready to protect against the strongest, sneakiest and smartest of monsters! Kaija Lily, Our Chief Blanket Trainer along with our training team takes the time to inspect each blanket to make sure that each 5 inch section is properly filled with precisely the correct amount of glass beads, twisted, tugged and pulled for toughness and then cleaned to ensure it's ready the moment you open the box.

How does this work? Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation. DPS is firm but gentle pressure that relaxes the nervous system. This pressure can be applied with the hands, special massage tools, or products that your child can wrap around themselves to provide pressure aka a Monster Protection Academy weighted blanket. This triggers a chain reaction in the body that releases an overall sense of calm and peace.

The soothing meditative qualities of a weighted blanket have plenty of practical benefits for sleep quality too! With a weighted blanket, you can get all cozy while suppressing anxiety and easing nervous tension throughout the day. These blankets weigh about 10% of your body weight making it easy to take charge during bedtime changes.  You don't want your kiddos sleeping with you? No problem at all - they'll still stay nice and cozy in their own safe place with their MPA Weighted Blanket!

Monsters are scary. Regardless of where they may be hiding or what they look like, to each child they are always scary.

This keeps a child up at night, which ultimately keeps the parent(s) up at night. The monsters may not be real but the fear a child experiences is very real. There are few solutions that have more to offer than a gimmick or simple trick of the imagination.

"Nights are going much better!  A few things have changed once we finally get him asleep... My son isn’t screaming in the middle of the night... and he is  good to stay asleep until about 6:00 am... and that is sooo good! So far he really loves his blanket and I have a feeling it’s just going to keep getting better!!  I totally love this amazing blanket!  My son has improved so much!! I want one for everyone!"

-J. Fonti (January 17,2020) 

Monster Protection Academy
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