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Hi, we're Moxie.

We make the best weighted blankets.

Moxie: Not an ordinary blanket.


-Moxie Weighted  Blankets are an Experience-

We create a soothing embrace like never before with our premium weighted blankets. Designed to provide deep pressure stimulation, our blankets offer a cocoon of calmness for a restful night's sleep

Snuggle up with our luxurious weighted blankets and let the stress melt away. The gentle pressure helps reduce anxiety and promotes relaxation, allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed.

All Moxie's are made in America, machine washable and all one piece. No fighting with a duvet cover!

For Sleep

Our Luxie line of weighted blankets are incredibly soft — it's our most popular blanket and is perfect for getting the best night's sleep.


For Better Health

Our Classic line comes in multiple sizes, weights, and colors. It's great for sensory disorders and decreasing stress and anxiety.


For Kids

Our Monster Protection Academy (MPA) bundle is made for children who suffer from nightmares and sleep anxiety.


Why weighted blankets?

Weighted blankets are great for anyone and everyone, but have been found to be especially helpful for individuals with anxiety, insomnia, autism, PTSD, ADHD, and other sensory conditions.

The added weight in weighted blankets gently applies pressure to the body and creates Deep Pressure Stimulation (DPS). This releases serotonin —the chemical in your body that induces relaxation and helps your body feel grounded — and reduces the body’s level of cortisol — a stress hormone.
When grounding the human body to earth during sleep, the body experiences lower night-time levels of cortisol and works to bring cortisol levels back into alignment with the natural 24-hour circadian rhythm (Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine).

We will always use Moxie Blankets now!

“I got the Monster Protection Academy set for my son. He was having a lot of bad dreams and not sleeping soundly due to ADHD. This blanket has helped so much! He seems to be able to get cozy, comforted, and settle his brain to get deeper sleep. Thank you!

- Jessica L.

I can watch movies with my kids now!

"I've been dealing with restless leg syndrome for years, but not anymore! My Moxie makes it so I can sit through an entire movie! And I'm sleeping better than ever!”

- Stephanie T.

She hasn't stopped telling me how much she loves it.

“Bought a Moxie blanket for my wife and she hasn’t stopped telling me how much she loves it. She has restless legs and this blanket really helps her with that and with sleep. She doesn’t toss all night anymore — I don’t get kicked all night!

- Jackson P.

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