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Moxie Blankets aims to Ease Child Nightmares

Moxie Blankets has become one of the best weighted blanket brands on the market and has positioned their Monster Protection Academy Line to help children overcome nightmares along with the stress and anxiety that comes attached. The weighted blanket comes in a 5Lb and 7LB crafted with soft, plush double dot Minky material and a consistently smooth glass microbeads to add weight to the blanket. It also includes their "No More Monsters" children's book and a special certificate. Weighted blankets work by offering deep touch pressure. This helps to relax the body by stimulating the production of serotonin. It also reduces cortisol levels to lessen feelings of anxiety at night. This creates a calm and grounded sleeping environment for the blanket user.

Jami Furniss, the CEO and Founder of Moxie Blankets, stated, "As a parent whose child experienced extreme nightmares, I know first-hand the toll this can take on a family. Parents are plagued by sleep deprivation, nighttime anxiety, and constant worry over their child's wellbeing. I created The Monster Protection Academy as a safe and natural solution to help children overcome sleeping issues and nightmares. With the innovation and creativity behind our products, children experience less anxiety with fewer night terrors/mares. This helps children and their parents to get a better night's sleep, which is our goal.

We put our MPA blankets to the test to ensure that they are ready to protect against the strongest, sneakiest and smartest of monsters! Kaija Lily, Our Chief Blanket Trainer along with our training team takes the time to inspect each blanket to make sure that each 5 inch section is properly filled with precisely the correct amount of glass beads to ensure the weight is evenly distributed at all times, twisted, tugged and pulled for toughness and then cleaned to ensure it's ready the moment you open the box."

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