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Can Kids use Weighted Blankets?

YES!!! We actually encourage it so much that we can our Monster Protection Academy Line. We actually started Moxie Blankets with a 9 year old boy in mind. He had horrible nightmares and we need to find a non-chemical solution right away.

When you are choosing a weighted blanket for a younger user you want to always make sure that the child has the strength to hold and carry the blanket with no help. This will ensure that they can remove the weighted blanket from their face if they need to.

Another suggestion we have is the weighted blanket should be around 10% of their body weight. You certainly don't want to use a 10LB blanket for a 3 year old.

Our MPA and Moxie lines both have 5LB and 7LB blankets that a perfect fit for kids!

Moxie Weighted Blankets are great for kids!

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