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Our Story

After many sleepless nights and countless nightmares The Monster Protection Academy was born!


As a mom of a child who had nightmares close to every night I knew I had to come up with a solution that offered more than a gimmick or trick of the imagination.  I asked other parents what they were doing to ease the nightmare chaos but no one had a solid solution so, the research journey began. 

I quickly stumbled upon weighted blankets and got to work creating the perfect prototype. It didn't take long before Makai started writing a book to accompany the blanket and Kaija Lily came up with the certification process and certificate. 

We've conducted surveys, think tanks and brainstorm sessions to create a great experience for every child who receives a Monster Protection Academy package. 

As for the Moxie and Luxie Lines those were created for a number of reasons. We have personally seen the success of weighted blankets with Restless Leg Syndrome, stress, anxiety, insomnia and helping ease the trials of being bipolar by having our friends and family use our blankets. 

 I believe in weighted blankets so much that I started Moxie Blankets. Our goal is simple... help as many people get relief as we can. 

Sending positive vibes and no more sleepless night to you and yours,


 Owner and Founder

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