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Which Weighted Blanket to Choose??

Weighted blankets have certainly become more main stream and you can find them at your local Target or Walmart but make no mistake... weighted blankets are not all created equally. There are different materials, sizes, filling, washing and how they are made. These are all important factors to consider when you are looking to purchase your weighted blanket.

What we recommend:

1. Find a material that makes you the most comfortable. This is a key factor. If you don't like how it feels it won't help you relax.

2. Weighted blankets are created to increase relaxation but they need to fully encompass you in order to get the full effect. This means if you want the max benefits you don't want to share.

3. Glass beads, plastic beads and sand are a few of the more popular fillings used for weighted blankets. We find that glass beads are superior based on longevity, quality and user friendliness.

4. Washing. This is HUGE! If you don't have time to take your blanket to the dry cleaner make sure you buy a blanket that you can wash in your home washer and dryer.

Any questions? Shoot us a message and we can help you pick the perfect weighted blanket!

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