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Weighted Blankets for Athletes

Weighted blankets can offer benefits to athletes by aiding in recovery, relaxation, and sleep quality. Athletes often put their bodies through rigorous training and physical stress, and a weighted blanket's deep touch pressure can help alleviate tension and promote better sleep. When choosing a weighted blanket for athletes, consider the following factors:

  1. Weight: We recommend 5 and 7 LBS for athletes under 10 years old and our 10 and 15LB for teens and adults . However, athletes might have varying preferences based on their muscle mass, training intensity, and overall comfort level.

  2. Material: We only use the highest quality non-shedding minky material to bring you the ultimate comfort.

  3. Distribution of Weight: High-quality weighted blankets ensure that the weight is evenly distributed. This is particularly important for athletes who might experience muscle soreness or tension in specific areas. To make sure the weight is spread out evenly to provide consistent pressure we quilt our glass beads into 5x5 sections of each of our blankets.

  4. Durability: Athletes might use their weighted blankets more frequently and rigorously than the average person. We've put our Moxie's to through road trips, cross country and international flights, hotels, fields, courts and everywhere else an athlete would go!

  5. Ease of Cleaning: Athletes are prone to sweat and might need to clean their blanket more often. Moxie's are all machine washable. Wash it at home or in the hotel on the go!

  6. Recovery Benefits: Athletes often use various recovery techniques to minimize muscle soreness. A weighted blanket can be a valuable addition to their routine, helping to relax muscles and reduce tension, potentially contributing to faster recovery.

  7. Sleep Quality: Quality sleep is crucial for athletes' performance and recovery. A weighted blanket can create a calming environment that promotes deep sleep, allowing the body to recover more effectively.

  8. Portability: If the athlete travels frequently, a travel-sized or portable weighted blanket might be beneficial for maintaining their sleep routine even on the road. Our 5 and 7LB are perfect for traveling athletes.

  9. Personal Preference: Ultimately, the athlete's personal preferences should guide the choice. Some athletes might prefer a heavier blanket for more intense pressure, while others might opt for a lighter one for a gentler touch.

Remember that while weighted blankets can offer benefits, they are not a replacement for professional medical advice or treatment. If an athlete has specific health concerns or conditions, it's important to consult with a healthcare professional before using a weighted blanket or making any changes to their recovery routine.

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