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Thankful for Weighted Blankets

There are many things that come to mind when we think of what we are grateful for but a big one is weighted blankets. Particularly Moxie Weighted Blankets... of course.

When I started this journey it wasn't to start a new business. I simply wanted to find something to help my son sleep better and to help with his nightmares that wasn't in pill form.

I came across weighted blankets while scouring the internet. I read several articles and decided to start looking for the best one. My first step was the local big box stores but none of them were quite right. Next, I continued the search online but again... I didn't love anything I came across. After searching and not finding what I was looking for I had one made exactly how I wanted it. There were a few things that were a must. 1. Made in the US 2. No duvet covers to buy separately 3. Machine washable 4. Softest material available 5. Small pockets of weight to ensure effectiveness

The first night my son used the blanket was phenomenal! He slept through the night! Right away I knew I had to share these with other parents so I got to work refining everything about the blanket and my new company.

Once I made up my mind it didn't take me long to get everything set up and ready to go. 48 days to be exact. I had my prototypes done, company registered, branding completed, book written and printed, certificates done, website done, packaging ordered and my first purchase order was sent. It was 48 days of long hours and little sleep. I was running on coffee and Jimmy Johns Club Lulu Unwich.

It has been a wild ride and I've loved every minute of it! Weighted blankets are a total game changer. I know they are a bit of an investment but can you really put a price on a good nights sleep?

Sweet dreams,


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