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Moxie Weighted Blankets and Meditation

When you think of meditation you probably don't think of grabbing your Moxie Weighted Blanket but I assure you that you want to!

The first time I used mine it was like an out of body experience! I slipped into such a deep state of relaxation and mediation that I've never felt before. It was flipping awesome!! Never in my life did I think I would be able to calm my mind enough in order to achieve that type of experience.

I used my 10LB Luxie and a guided mediation on my insight timer app. I simply laid on the floor with my palms up on top of my Luxie and within minutes I was deep in the meditation. I was disappointed when it ended but overly grateful for the extreme experience.

If you haven't tried mediation with a Moxie weighted blanket I highly recommend it!


weighted blanket meditation

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