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PRESS Utah Business Magazine — Moxie Blankets is fairly new to the weighted blanket industry but that hasn’t prevented founder and sole owner, Jami Furniss from making big moves. What started out as one line, The Monster Protection Academy Line has now become 3. Adding in her 3rd line this month, The Luxie Line™.

“Seeing success with our first two lines, adding in a third was a no brainer. However, I knew that this next line needed to be something spectacular. It can’t simply be a weighted blanket made with typical material. It needs to be an experience” Stated Jami.

The LuxieLine is the largest and heaviest blanket they offer coming in at 10LBS and is 55 inches wide and 75 inches long. It’s also made of the highest quality luxurious minky material on the market and the Moxie blanketlogo is embroidered verses their normal custom minky material tag.

“Why is this blanket an experience? Weighted blankets in general are great but with the luxury, comfort and softness our LuxieLine offers, it transports you into a whole new world of mind-blowing relaxation.”  – Jami Furniss

Weighted blankets relax the body and mind because they induce Deep Touch Pressure. DTP is about soothingly applying pressure to the body to increase the release of serotonin. Serotonin is a chemical in the body that promotes relaxation. Weighted blankets are very helpful for individuals with stress, anxiety, insomnia, autism, sensory processing disorder, PTSD, ADHD and they can also help you get into a deeper mode of meditation… just to name a few. Weighted blankets help people with conditions, but they truly are great for anyone and everyone.

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