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Why Weighted Blankets?


Weighted blankets, often referred to as a therapeutic blanket have been found to be very helpful for individuals with anxiety, insomnia, autism, sensory processing disorder, PTSD, ADHD, RLS and other sensory conditions. Weighted blankets help people with conditions, but they are great for anyone and everyone.


The underlying science on weighted blankets is called  deep touch pressure (DTP) . DTP is about gently applying pressure to the body to increase the release of serotonin. Serotonin is a chemical in the body that promotes relaxation. The extra weight helps you achieve a more restive night's sleep. The weight helps your body feel grounded, which reduces your body's levels of cortisol, a stress hormone.


According to a study published in the  Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine , “grounding the human body to earth (“earthing”) during sleep reduces night- time levels of cortisol [the stress hormone] and re-synchronizes cortisol hormone secretion more in alignment with the natural 24-hour circadian rhythm profile.” The “grounding” that weighted blankets provide, allows you to relax enough to keep your stress hormones under control while you sleep."

In our carefully handcrafted blankets we use round Glass Micro Beads and the highest quality materials are used to create a consistent and smooth feel to the blanket.


Need a weighted blanket larger than a 5LB, 7 LB or 10LB? Email us at and we'll get you taken care of!

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