Monster Protection Academy 7LB Gray Weighted Blanket

Monster Protection Academy 7LB Gray Weighted Blanket

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Our Monster Protection Academy (MPA) Weighted Blanket is a great solution for children that suffer from nightmares.  With our MPA blanket, your child can start leveraging the benefits of a weighted blanket, which include: comfort, reduction of nightmare stress/anxiety and an improved deeper sleep.


Our blankets are made of the highest-quality minky material and handcrafted in the United States.


Weighted Blanket Features:


- Each MPA blanket is 45x55


- Includes a certified MPA weighted minky blanket, MPA certificate, and No More Monsters Book


- Blanket is Velvety and textured 


- Dimple dot embossed minky design


- Filled with non-toxic, eco-friendly glass beads


-5x5 Inch squares ensure weight distribution at all times.


Our Monster Protection Academy bundle is a non-chemical, non gimmick solution for child nightmares and allows your child to fall into a deeper relaxed sleep.

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